Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BA/MA Degree Scholarship

We only offer scholarships for students who obtained their general qualification for university entrance (Abitur) in Germany.

PhD Degree Scholarship

PhD candiates from abroad can apply for a scholarship if they are

  • in the early stages of their doctoral work
  • enrolled at a German university and
  • fluent in German.
How can I prove my German language skills?

Proof of German language skills at level C1/DSH-3 is a requirement for the application, even if your PhD program / study program is in English.


Why do I need German skills if my study program in Germany is in English?

The Avicenna scholarship requires your active engagement in German society, usually proven by previous participation in civil society. Furthermore, our scholarships include not only financial support but also ideal support in the form of workshops, seminars, and regular meetings. Our seminars and workshops are conducted in German.